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Guest Posts

I love getting to visit other blogs and share more details about my novels, writing and the self-publishing industry. Below are the some of my posts from around the web. If you're interested in having me guest post on your blog, please email my assistant.


January 7 Reading Between the Wines Wing excerpt
January 3 The Daily Harrell post on TUS' setting
February 14 Butterfly Feet Walking on Liferelease day post
February 14 Numinous Publications release day post
February 14 Raine Delight post on writing
February 15 Numinous Publications post on villains
February 18 The Bookworm Chronicles Sacrifice review
February 18 Dragonwell Publishing post on fantasy vs. scifi
February 20 Once Upon a Time post on fantasy vs. scifi
February 27Butterfly Feet Walking on Life Initiate review
February 28 Anna Kashina post on literate civilization
February 28 Books and Things Blood review
March 1 Urban Fantasy Investigations Blood excerpt
March 4 Mervi's Book Reviews Blood review
March 5 Kevin O. McLaughlin post on writing
March 11 Library Girl Reads and Reviews post on villains


December 20 The Mod Podge Bookshelf post on TUS' setting
December 19 Books and Things Wing review
November 29 Her Ladyship's Request post on TUS' setting
November 27 MeReader Initiate review
November 26 E-Reading and Ray Tracing post on international publishing
November 14 Mervi's Book Reviews Wing review
November 8 Library Girl Reads and Reviews     character sketch
November 6 The Innocent Flower Wing excerpt
November 4 MeReader Wing excerpt
November 3 E-Reading and Ray Tracing      Wing excerpt
November 2 Anna Kashina Wing excerpt
November 1      Once Upon a Time Wing excerpt


Unknown said...

When will book 7 be out I'm to excited to continue waiting I love the books and it only takes me a few days to read them I guess I read to fast I just want to read what's going to happen

Tara Maya said...

You'll see a lot of blog swaps on my blog in the next couple of months -- excerpts on other blogs and good books featured on my blog. I won't be writing as many blog posts, however, because I'll be concentrating on bringing you the next books in The Unfinished Song as quickly as possible.