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Nov 3, 2006

Brink World

There are some cultures that believe that to take a picture of a person captures that person's soul. This was the starting point of my Drawn To The Brink story, found in WomanScapes.

The premises of the magic:

* Drawing something can create that thing in the real world, but...

* sunset (if it was drawn during the day) or by sunrise (if it was drawn at night) the object disappears again

* Drawing a real person can capture that person's soul, binding that person to the artist's will; this is forbidden

* Drawing an imaginary person does not create a real person, it creates an automoton; nonetheless it's forbidden, because...

*...of the temptation to create a brink a magical drawing that can "cross the brink" and remain in existance beyond sunset and sunrise

* for a brink can only be made by sacrificing the soul of a real person to free it from the canvas

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