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Cover Reveal: STRAT (military science fiction)

STRAT is a military science fiction novel that I've had on the back burner for a while. I confess: It's a bit of an odd fish. The hero lives through five wars, which form almost complete stories in and of themselves. For a while, I thought it might work better as individual novellas. Eventually, however, I realized that even though the stories almost stand alone, they add up to a whole greater than its parts. The theme of the novel emerges from the gestalt. I wrote the draft of STRAT while I was living overseas in a war zone, albeit as a peace-keeper, not a soldier. At the time, I was reading a ton of military science fiction--classics like  Asimov ,  Heinlein ,  Haldeman ,  Card ,  Dickson ,  Drake ,  Weber ,  Turtledove  and a host of others, whatever I could scrounge from other ex-pats and second-hand English-language bookstores. I was living in an area of the world formally colonized by a European power, which was now dealing with an rebellion of those who in turn want

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