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Kid Corner

When you're an imaginative person (a writer, for instance) and you have three kids under the age of six, the kids quickly figure out they can force you to make up stories for them. I did not set out to write children's books, but my kids wrangled it out of me. Eventually, I figured I might as well share.

If you have toddlers, grad schoolers or very intelligent cats, you might find these books fun.

Nearly Naughty Early Readers (Ages 0-5)
Simple words, simple pictures. These books are intended for parents to read to infants, or for early readers to read aloud by themselves.


Dragon Doctors (5-11)
These will be chapter books aimed at young readers, suitable for parents or teachers to read with them, or for kids to read themselves. Three kids learn that they have incredible powers, which allows them to help sick dragons and investigate facts about the world around them. Basically, it teaches science, through the use of magic.

Good As Gold Fables (6-12)
Further along in the pipeline. I started writing these as a way to help my kids make sense of money, and concepts like saving for the future.

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