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Alternative Titles

Originally, I called my book The Rainbow Dancer. Those of you from the OWW might recognize it under that name. Now I've tentatively retittled it The Faery's Maze. Some other options: The Windwheel and the Maize The Faery's Curse Faery Dance Rainbow Dance I still haven't found a truly catchy title, one that, by itself, compels you to take the book off the shelf and look at it. I know that in the end, the title is up to the publisher.

Excerpt from The Faery's Maze

Chapter 1 First Row, First Column A stately veil of birch hid Dindi from those she stalked. The trees encircled a wide clearing of stamped down reddish earth where the Tavaedis, the Chroma Dancers, practiced their Patterns. They began every day in the misty rose twilight before sunrise and ended when the noonday sunshine poured down molten gold. Dindi roused herself earlier still, to hide in the woods before they arrived, and she dared not leave until after they were gone. She went there to watch them, to envy them, and, in shameful secrecy behind the trees, to imitate them. Her mimicry was clumsy beside their grace, she knew, but she could not help herself. Though she did not have the Chroma magic and never would have it, she loved to dance. The Tavaedis performed at births, weddings, fairs, exorcisms, charmings -- in fact at any event of importance in the clanholds of the Corn Hills. These occasions kept them busy most afternoons. There were dance patterns effective for healing, for

The Novel Merry-go-Round

Naturally, I have a novel I am trying to sell. Now the first draft is complete, so I’ll start posting a few excerpts in this blog. I've begun the merry-go-round attempt to interest a publisher so I can I can entice an agent to represent me, or interest an agent in representing me so I can entice a publisher to buy the book. So far I have sent it to seventeen agents. I've had three requests for partials and one request for a full manuscript. I've received the usual formal reject letters, as well as one or two warm and encouraging reject letters. [BABYWATCH: He's behind me on a pillow, chewing one of his books, babbling. I was worried about him for while because he seemed behind in his babbling. He seemed to only use vowels. However, he now babbles consonant sounds as well, and makes "phrases" that sound like conversation. ] I also have a crit group, mostly folks from OWW, for novel exchange critiques. I have five or six novels I am reading for them, and they wi