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Is ChatGPT a Good Tool for Fiction? - Using An Expanded Mind to Write Fiction

Will novelists become obsolete now that computer programs can write? Some people see tools like ChatGPI as competition instead of what it really is: a new form of the Extended Mind.  By extended mind, I mean the way that humans use tools and architecture to "supersize" our minds , to extend our "bodies" through adjacent materials, which we fashion for that purpose. People who were angry about using programs to write see it as a human as delegating the task to someone else, like a boss who tells his secretary to write a love letter to his wife. If instead, people look at a program like ChatGPT as just another tool, they wouldn't be any more offended by someone using than if the letter were composed on a computer using Microsoft Word instead of handwritten with a quill. As a science fiction and fantasy author who is very pro-technology, I was eager to see if ChatGPT could help me with a huge problem: I have way more ideas than I have time to write. I picked up t

Valentine's Day Sale

  What's better than chocolate on Valentine's Day? What works wonders whether you're in love... lonely... or suffering a broken heart? A romantic story! Check out the romances on sale for Valentine's Day, Valentine's Sweet Reads and Paranormal & Fantasy Romance Sale .  Also enjoy An Enchanted Valentine's Day: The Griffin & the Fake Bride , a sweet paranormal novella about two shifters who have to fake a wedding to catch a criminal. If you prefer short reads, check out any of the Hero & Heroine Anthologies, but especially this one, which has a charming science fiction romance, "The Valentine Raffle," by Heidi Kneale. Also, be sure and check out Her Endearing Young Charms, a Regency with Magic , another adorable read by the same author. 

An Enchanted Tarot Spring - Spring Holiday Novella Boxset

  Today I'm publishing a boxset of the three Arcana Glen Novellas that take place in the Spring.  An Enchanted St Patrick’s Day When Misty found a handsome man tied to a chair in a storeroom, beaten and abused, she was shocked. At the risk to her job and her life, she freed him. Together, they escaped her former boss in New Orleans and fled to Arcana Glen. But when Misty’s boss caught up with her, he claims the man she freed is a con and a thief. Not to mention, he thinks he’s a real leprechaun, so he must be crazy—right? Her boss asks her to spy on the handsome thief as part of a sting. All she has to do is pretend to be a lost leprechaun princess. An Enchanted Easter Damien comes from a family of Bighorn Sheep Shifters, but he has a second form—a wolf. And for a guy whose family has been involved in a feud with the local Wolf Shifter clan for generations, that’s a problem. Three years ago, he messed up everything. He made the feud worse, he stole from his own parents—and he brok