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Book: The Witch & the Warrior

  In general, the Arcana Glen novels are light-hearted, but this one is more on the angsty side. If you love redemption stories or Demon Paranormal Romance, this is a great one to read. You can find it HERE .  It's an Enemies to Lovers story with a Tarot twist.  Which is stronger, Love or War?  Chet is a demon warlord, with an Infernal Tank that can reset Time itself, enabling him to restart a battle over and over again, until he wins. And Chet  always  wins. Which is stronger—the Immovable Object or the Unstoppable Force?  Corazita is a witch who specializes in love potions. When two groups of warring soldiers converge on her mountain ranch house, she ends the fighting the only way she knows how: she casts a love spell over everyone. Now the demon who had planned to capture her falls in love with her. But when the love spell wears off, he’s going to be even more furious with her than before... Can the ultimate Enemies become Lovers?

May Releases - Neko Girls and Sexy Nerds and a May Day Spring Fling

I have two new books coming out in May, both Arcana Glen stories. One is a novel, the next stand-alone HEA but connected book in the Major Arcana Tarot Romance series. Moxie & the Maverick is out in a few days and you can already Pre-Order it so it's delivered to you right away. If you know the Tarot, you'll recognize Strength and the Hermit. If you don't know Tarot, don't worry, the story speaks for itself, pitting a feisty Kitty Shifter against a brilliant but clueless Alpha Nerd. Both the Neko Girl and the Mad Scientist have a secret, and this is an Enemies to Lovers story.  The other book is a novella, also a stand-alone HEA story in the Holiday Arcana Glen series. The action starts on a sultry beach party for Beltane, when passion gets the better of the Siren heroine and handsome hunk of a Rock Witch. She saves him from drowning, one thing leads to another and they have a wild one night stand. Neither the Mermaid nor the Stone Mage expect their Spring Fling Ro

Tarot: I'm Working on a Deck to Go with My Series

The Arcana Glen Tarot  In conjunction with my new Paranormal Romance series, which is inspired by the Tarot, I am designing an Arcana Glen Tarot Deck. And to accompany the deck, I'm working on a companion guidebook. The guidebook will include basic information about Tarot, so that even absolute Tarot noobs can understand and enjoy it. The guidebook will also include background on the world of the Arcana Glen cosmos for fans of the series. And finally, for experienced Tarot aficionados, the unique aspects of the Arcana Glen deck will be highlighted for the pleasure of the collector or experienced card reader. I've already begun work on the deck and the guidebook  I decided it would be fun to share entries as blog posts. If you find it interesting, let me know. Also feel free to ask questions and let me know what areas you are particularly interested in, so I can add those, if I haven't already. Expect to see future posts on both general information about Tarot and specific d

Updates on the Unfinished Song Series

 I've been going through the comments left on the blog to delete spam and moderate everything else. It's quite humbling to see the number of remarks that amount to, "When is the next book out?" "You disappeared," "I looked for information and it seemed you fell off the face of the Earth." Um. Sorry. I wish I had a good excuse, like, "Yeah, I went to the beach on Beltane Eve, when the veil between the worlds was thin, accidentally fell through a Gate Between the Worlds and landed in a mystic Sphere, where I had to battle Ice Giants and Winter Elves..." But no. The truth is, that, cat-like, I became distracted by random things, like red spots on the wall, ladybugs, bits of string and my own tail. Homeschooling the kids, studying philosophy and writing my own starting from the metaphysics on up, gardening, researching biology and physics for a hard science fiction series set a billion years in the future, writing STRAT Book II, designing the

Book Feast: Free Fantasy and Sci Fi for April

 A delicious book feast of FREE books. This deal is almost ended... grab these books while you can.  Click Here to see the free books!

Book Feast: To War! Books on Sale in April

  Military Science Fiction and Military Fantasy books to quench your reading thirst and unabashed blood lust at the same time. Click Here to browse these books!

Book Feast: Spring New Releases

  Click here to feast on these Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance and Urban Fantasy books. 

The Tarot Reader's New Year Promise - Excerpt

  She's a witch with weak powers but a big heart. She accidentally binds an Elf Prince, turned killer mercenary, to her side ...  Read the book . The Tarot Reader's New Year Promise (Except) The sitting room felt much smaller with the tall mercenary sitting there, sipping tea. He was excruciatingly polite and when he saw the Tarot cards, he bowed to her grandmother. “I had heard that you have the Sight.” “My granddaughter was about to do a reading for the new year,” said Grandma Bella. Behind the Elf mercenary’s back, Tia waved her hands to nix that. She was embarrassed enough trying to do a reading in front of Grandma Bella. Tia  definitely  wasn’t up to a public reading in front of a genuine magical warrior, especially one so gorgeous that she kept forgetting to breathe. “You haven’t told us your name,” Tia said. “You’ve heard of my grandmother, Bella, and my name is Tia. You are?” “Delson,” he said. Grandma Bella set up straight in her chair and looked at him sharply. “That’

The Magician & the Fool - Excerpt

  “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Bethany asked, moving to sit next to Kyrah on the tiny little bench in the tiny, little dressing room. Kyrah automatically scooted out of the way so that Bethany could not touch her. “Right. No touching. No hugs.” Bethany recited Kyrah’s rules. “Not even when you’re crying?” Kyrah shook her head, staring at her lap. She was struggling not to cry in front of her friend. “Just tell me what’s wrong,” urged Bethany. “Also, I need to check your body for gaping wounds.” Kyrah inadvertently let out a snort of laughter. “Bethany please. I can’t deal with anything tonight...not even for you.” “Well, if you don’t tell me what’s going on immediately, I’m going to sit here telling dirty jokes until you either laugh or we both get fired.” Kyrah buried her face in her hands and no words of any sort emerged. Only another muffled grunt of a woman desperately trying not to cry. The worst crying of all was the crying that you tried not to do... it just sounded awful. “Okay,” s

Mirror Book 8 in The Unfinished Song is available!

  The Unfinished Song Epic Fantasy Series An ancient war between humans and fae brought a terrible Curse to the land. Now the only two who can end the Curse are an untried young woman and an exiled warrior. They must battle High Fae, Deathsworn, and an immortal evil that threatens to devour the whole world… The Windwheel, created long ago by the Aelfae, just may hold the magic Dindi needs to honor her pledge to resurrect them. Unfortunately, the Windwheel is secreted deep in the Labyrinth, guarded by a terrible monster.  Mirror Dindi is going to need a weapon—the Looking Bowl—to fight the beast. And she’s not the only one searching for a way into the Labyrinth. Several other Aspirants, young women who want to be Vaedi, pledge to help her find the Looking Bowl. Among them are Dindi’s bitterest rivals and her best friends—but even if the women can recover the Looking Bowl, can she trust any of them? Kavio and his rival, Zumo embark on a quest of their own. The two rivals agree to work

Blog Home for 2022

 I haven't posted here for a while, but my other site (a Wordpress Site also called Tara Maya's Tales) is currently under new construction. I decided to blog here in the meantime. I've been publishing a lot of new books in the last year, and there are more to come! So I thought I ought to be blogging SOMEWHERE in the meantime.  :)