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Why I'm Not Commenting On Your Blog

I wanted to comment on your blog. But for some reason, Google will no longer let me comment. It's annoying. I write out an elaborate remark. Underneath the box, it says, "Comment as" and I toggle the thingy that says, "Google Account," and then I push "publish." And my comment disappears. This has been happening for a while, and I'm getting exasperated. My dh suggested that perhaps I have been Banished for Inappropriate Content but I can't imagine why or when or by whom. Has anyone else had this happen? Any solution?

5 Signs You Might Be A Writer

1. You read. A LOT. You read constantly, or at least did at one point in your life. Some of us had more time to read (for pleasure) when we are kids, but are swamped with work now. For others, literature seemed boring when we were younger, but now has appeal. In my case, I devoured science fiction and fantasy when I was younger, but while I was in grad school most of my reading was non-fiction. Once I graduated, I had time for fiction again. I do still read non-fiction for pleasure and for research. 2. You have been coming up with stories since you were a kid. You have way more story ideas than you could ever write down. When did you write your first "story"? Okay, maybe it wasn't much of a story, but when did you start trying? In my case, I made little pretend "books" out of folded paper and scribbles before I could write my ABCs. I wrote my first four complete and illustrated stories in fifth grade and completed my first novel in Jr. High. Granted,

Stop Internet Censorship


Cover Reveal for Wing!

  Here it is, the cover of The Unfinished Song: Wing (Book 5). Wing will be out in 4-6 weeks. The exact release date is Super Secret. I will offer it for $.99 on Super Secret Release Day and you have to sign up for on my mailing list to find out exactly when you can snap it up! Also, as with the release of Root, the first 100 new subscribers to my newsletter will receive Wing for free! Please note! The free book will be an ebook. I need to know what format you prefer. Kindle and Nook are easiest for me, but I can also send you an ePub file or  PDF. There's a spot on the sign up for to indicate the format you require. Eventually there will be print versions for all you luddites, er, I mean fine connoisseurs of ink and paper. To be honest, even though I do most of my reading on my Kindle these days, I do still like to buy paper versions of my favorite books. I pet them and croak, "My precious!" like Gollum. With that in mind, I made sure the cover art include

Brains, Sex or Money?

One evening a grad student working on her Master's degree was studying alone in the library, nodding off over an impenetrable tome of postmodernist literary theory, probably something by Butler , when he heard a tiny voice cry out. Startled, he jerked awake. A very soft, high-pitched voice wailed, "Help me! Help me!" He searched the stacks with increasing alarm as the tiny plea grew more desperate, then sputtered into a scream of pain. At last he saw it...a big, ugly rat, dragging a little pixie girl by the ankle. The rat was as fat as the hardcover edition of  Of Grammatology by Derrida, and the fairy as slender as a No. #2 pencil. No matter how she fluttered her translucent wings, she could not yank her leg free. The grad student, quick of wit, grabbed   Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach  off the shelf and knocked the Derrida rat smack between the eyes. The villainous varmint thus vanquished, the grad student lifted the fairy up and set her on the shelf b