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Dec 15, 2008


I've been feeling rather depressed lately. No doubt the cold and dark play a big part. I wish I could spent this half of the year in Australia.


Anonymous said...

When I was working on my India series of stories, I had a name for a group of people that sort of match you, Ms Tara. They were periscians - the name given to people who live within the arctic circle. What is unique about this group is that the sun never sets on them, for at least one day! Perhaps you need to become a persician, and travel where the sun always shines...

Tara Maya said...

Yeah, I remember hearing about that story. Did you ever write it up? I guess I didn't realize it was part of your India series.

The only problem with living in the Arctic circles is that even when it's sunny, the weather is rather chilly. :)