Delicious Library

I have a new toy -- a program called Delicious Library to index all my books. All I have to do is hold the bar code in front of my computer camera, and the program pops up an adorable miniture picture of the book cover and places it on a lovely screen book shelf. The program automatically supplies all sorts of information about the book, including its' present value if one were to sell it used on Amazon. I could make a lot of money if I sold off my library. But I could never bear to part with them. I hoard books like a dragon hoards jewels.

So far, I've scanned in about 100 books, a mere sliver of my collection. It will be fun to scan them in over the several weeks -- or months, depending on how long it takes. Now if only my house had enough real bookshelves to hold all my gems. We have a very tiny house, and my husband, completely unreasonably, doesn't want every single wall lined with books. Most unfair...