A Wasted Day

There are many days I can't work because I have other pressing activities. That's frustrating, but it's a neccessary evil. Today, however, I had time to work, and wasted it. That's beyond frustrating. It leaves me deeply depressed.

Of course, I suppose I was depressed to begin with, since instead of working, I stewed the whole day long in stressful thoughts about my inability to face the future with my current resources (mental as well as physical). It was one of those days when my inadequacies pointed and laughed at my aspirations, and even at noon, the sun shone grey. I ate too much, tasted too little.

I scrolled through various Word files on my screen, but typed nothing. I thought about painting, but baskets of laundary were piled between me and my art desk. I thought about doing laundary, but returned to my computer.

Scrolled some more, typed nothing.

Worried some more, solved nothing.

Tommorrow, I am not going to worry, and I'm not going to even try to type one word. I think I'll read. And try to go outside.


XiXi said…
Hey, feel better. Sometimes, I have days where I can beat the screen with my eyeballs, and nothing worth my spit will come out. It happens. You go to sleep, mull it over, cook something delicious, take a breezy walk, and read a nice, inspiring book.

Don't get too down. :-)
I have had too many days like that. It makes me depressed too, and a bit angry with myself. usually I do bettet the next day.
david heijl said…
Shucks... hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you'll be back in shape when you spend some time outdoors and do something relaxing and completely non-writing related!
J.L. Johnson said…
Don't be so hard on yourself, we all need days where we don't do anything creative, keeps us from burning out.

I take 'Me' days all the time. I have weeks where I can write like mad, and then there are times when I'm lucky to get 500 words in. Sucks if you have a deadline, but other authors do the same thing. We need a break to keep the creative juices flowing.
Matt said…
Oh if I could have back every wasted day... wow. Don't worry, you'll get back on track when you're ready.
Scott said…
Here's my opinion about 'wasted days' - there are no such things as wasted days. Every now and then our bodies/minds need time to recharge. This past Sunday I had every intention of writing a few chapters. Every. Intention. In. The. World. I didn't write a single chapter Sunday. I read a book, I bonded with the dogs, and I watched The Fellowship of the Ring. Yes, I could have found time to write. I didn't. I needed some time for 'me', away from my writing, and away from life. It was my recharge day.

So, consider the day not wasted, but spent recharging so you can go all gung-ho on your writing today, or perhaps tomorrow. Even writers have to live sometimes. ; )

Days like this happen. :) Don't sweat it. Just pick yourself up tomorrow and do something fun - even if it isn't writing related.
Davin Malasarn said…
I'm with Scott. I think it's part of the normal routine. If it happens too often, then it becomes a problem, and you should probably force yourself to write a little something, but recharge is good, filling the well is good.
Ban said…
you're not alone - we all have days like that ... some of us have more than others ;)
laughingwolf said…
days like that are not rare with me, but i find a good sleep alters my pov

beginning next wednesday, when i bring home my new pup, i can take time to play with him and let the rest of the world wait... ;)
Tara Maya said…
Thanks for your comments of support, guys. It means a lot to me and helped me through a low time.
laughingwolf said…
do you have a pet to comfort you during the low points, tara?