What I've Been Up To

I have more or less neglected this blog for ten months, so I ought to post an update. I've been in graduate school, which, unsurprisingly, consumed my time and my writing. If my program weren't so writing-intensive then I probably would be writing more genre fiction, but since the "writer" part of me is dominated by for-school projects, I have no juice left for other creative work. I have considered sharing some of my school work here, but, upon consideration, preferred to keep it separate.

I LOVE grad school. Though the work load is stressful, I find it immensely fulfilling. Regretfully, right at the end of the year, I had a dispute with my adviser about the future of my work. I will have to either find another advisor next year or leave the program. This depresses the hell out of me, both because I hate conflict and because the thought of having to transfer to a new school and essentially start over exhausts me.

Oh, and I had another baby. He's now three weeks old. That makes 3 boys for me!


Pff. You only had another baby AND are doing grad school? What lame excuses for not writing genre fiction. ;)

Kidding, of course. Congrats and glad things are going well on one hand, and hoping the conflict works out on the other. Good to hear from you! :)
Wow! Congratulations on the baby, and I hope you can work things out with your program!
Charlie Rice said…
Congratulations Tara! I remember the baby days. Enjoy them, they grow up so fast!
Wow! CONGRATS on the baby! It's nice to see you around a little, at least. I've missed you, really!