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Oct 24, 2010

CreateSpace To Do List

So here was my To Do List:

- Final edit on Word File/apply editor's corrections
-Write author's bio
-Learn InDesign
-Format file in InDesign
-Figure out page # of final document to calculate cover art template
-Find or ReDo cover art
-Upload interior PDF and cover art PDF to CreateSpace

And here's what I have left to do:

- Order Proof copy
- Correct Proof copy
- Upload corrections
- Go live with print book

Yeah, that whole "Learn InDesign" took a wee bit longer than expected. Go figure.

I took a crash course by signing up for a month's worth ($25) of training videos at I watched hours worth of videos and followed along on my own files. Great site, it saved my butt.

Also, I never did find my file for the cover art for the print book (which, unlike the ebook cover, included the spine and back copy). I had to redo it. Fortunately, I did still have the front/ebook cover.

Now I'm waiting to hear back from Amazon to hear if my PDFs were formatted correctly. I hope they were, otherwise, I shall have to redo them AGAIN.

If I were reading this as someone considering publishing through CreateSpace, I'd be thinking, "Wow, this sounds like a lot more work than I want to do." And I would be right.

Realize, however, that I brought a lot of this on myself. I hired myself as cover artist, so I had to do that job too. Then, after looking into some professional book interior designers, I decided to hire myself to do that too. I wanted to do a professional job on each one, so I used the tools I would if someone else were paying me (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign). But basically, this meant I was trying to do three jobs (author, artist, designer), all the hard way.

It has never been conclusively proven that I am sane.

# # #

Um, and at some point I need to smack my blog in the face with some Pretty. 'Cause right now it's pretty far from Pretty.


Unknown said...

The only way to learn how to do it yourself is to muddle through it once. Good for you!

Anyways, the next book should be easier...

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Oooh, fun list! Hehe. CreateSpace usually doesn't take too long to get back to you...and I've never had them say no it wasn't approved. The longest thing is waiting for the print copy to arrive. After the first LONG wait (took almost TWO weeks, I think...) I paid the extra shipping to get it to me faster. I suggest that if you're impatient like me.

I like InDesign, but I don't own it, sadly, so I just used Word. I think my book turned out okay with that. I love Photoshop of course. I'd like to upgrade to CS5 soon...

Good luck! I can't wait to get my hands on a print copy. :)

Tara Maya said...

@ David. I know. It will be easier next time. I'm already scheming.

@ Michelle. It was a complete fluke that I happened to have InDesign. I wouldn't have been able or inclined to purchase it. I think I could have made it look decent on Word, but I'm not sure it would have been THAT much easier to format, in the end. I would love CS5 too. Sigh.

CRF Montgomery said...

This won't help you much, but reading your post made me feel better! As you know, I am in a similar situation. So, I am just going to be your cheerleader and say, "You go, girl!" And like David said, we only have to learn all this new stuff once. (I hope, I hope~)

I do feel badly about your book cover: I know you put your whole heart into that work as a professional. I spent 13 straight hours yesterday (between mouthfuls of chocolate cake,) trying to "smack some pretty" onto my blog, and I am still FAR from satisfied. But I could no longer see, I was not allowed to have any more cake (food for the spoiled 2-yr old muse), and I just finally left it.
And then I checked the stats while ago, and I've had more visits today, including from Ireland and the U.K. than ever before. Point: Don't let it get you down; it all pays off in the long run. Oh, and all those hits means you got them, too, since we're linked! So, there you go. I wish I could give you some cake . . .

Unknown said...

I have published a total of 16 books using CreateSpace and 1 using Lightning Source. The only advantage to using LSI is you can set a short discount and make more per copy on your book. I sell a lot of books at speaking opportunities so the lower cost per copy CreateSpace offers is important to me.

If you think dealing with CreateSpace is difficult and has a learning curve, note my ratio of books published with CreateSpace versus LSI.

Also, CreateSpace just updated its author interface in its "title management" system and I will admit it appears to be easier to use than the older interface.

I promise if you publish another book the process will be much easier. At least easier than learning InDesign.