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Nov 23, 2010

Pathfinder - Booktrailer of the Day

Orson Scott Card. What can I say? The name is pretty much the sell here, isn't it? So the trailer is smooth and professional, and though it has motion, mostly stays out of the way of just letting you know the author of Ender's Game has a new book out.


Rob G said...

I've read a few books in the Ender Series and maybe it's just me, but the only reason I'd give that a second look is because it is OSC.

My guess is that if a new writer used that trailer, many people would say, "So? Tell us more."

Not to say that the book/series won't be good, but it does seem to be using Card's name to market the book more than the plot (which is barely touched on).

It could be interesting to explore that more in a post. When established authors have book trailers done, are they trying to highlight the book or just use their name? Could be interesting.

Tara Maya said...

I think you're spot on, it doesn't give enough of a hook in and of itself. It's selling on the power of name recognition. And also the clear fact that it's a costly trailer, so must be backed by a big publisher.