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Dec 14, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas Videos - Winter Songs

I'm feeling festive, and wanted to offer some of my favorite Christmas songs over the next twelve days.

Normally, I would also offer up one or two token Hannukah songs, if nothing else, for the sake of my Jewish grandma, but you know what? Hannakah and I are not on speaking terms right now. That's right, Stupid Lunar Calendar, I was still in school when you came and went, thanks for nothing.

Anyhoo...moving on to the Spirit of Christmas...ho, ho, ho...

What could be more Christmasy than the doomed adulterous love between Lancelot and Gwenivere? Besides, you know, pretty much anything? Consider it my hat tip to Winter's Solstice. Which has not passed yet, I love you Solar Calender.

So here are two wintery, sad, romantic songs that I love, even if I'm not sure how they are really related to Christmas, Hannukah or anything else. And by two, I meant three. Clearly, at this hour of the morning, I cannot count. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Now all I need is a cup of cocoa :)

Cherri Galbiati said...

Tara, Thank you for sharing! I curled up on the sofa with a throw, pulled up your blog and watched--so touching, so sweet, and mellow.

Loved it! (I love the cinnamon and crispy cold scents of Christmas season)


Tara Maya said...

Cocoa sounds delightful. And the scent of cinnamon. Reminds me I need to buy some nog. :)

Jai Joshi said...

So sad and romantic!