UK Cover for The Unfinished Song: Initiate and Taboo

I didn't expect to do so many revisions to Taboo, the second book in The Unfinished Song, but wow, my editor had some great ideas that add just that perfect extra bit of yum to the story, and I am having so much fun with this book. I hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as I am writing it.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share the news that there will be UK editions of the series. Ok, right now, everything about the books is pretty much the same (even the spelling, sorry UK readers) except... drumroll... the covers.

There's this theory that Brits like different covers. Symbolic and schematic covers are supposed to be more popular than covers with people-oriented scenes.

I have no idea if this is a myth or reality. I suspect it's nonsense. That is, I'm sure there are readers who prefer symbolic/schematic covers to people/scene pictures; however, their dispersion is probably statistically unrelated to their nationality. But hey, I'm willing to experiment. So here are the other covers. (US readers: if you really like these better, I think they are also available through the US store.)

Judging by my low sales in Amazon UK, it's possible I don't have any British fans anyway. Or maybe they were just waiting for the right covers to draw them in! If you shop on Amazon UK, consider adding these books to your shopping cart.... They need some UK love!


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Jai Joshi said…
Good luck with the UK editions! It is true that covers without people on them do better in the UK so you were smart to have different covers for that.

Oh these are nice. They work well to bring out the imagery and magic surrounding the lights of the Tavaedi dancers.
Anonymous said…
Well, what if we just order our copies shipped from
Tara, I have people asking on my blog where they can pre-order Taboo (they can't find it on amazon or B&N) and when do you plan do release it? Do you have answers to these questions?
Anonymous said…
Great book covers! I love the colors.
Tara they are so very cool- Good Luck! Interesting what Jai said about the covers in the UK.