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Apr 7, 2011

Strunk and White Revisited

Young writers often suppose that style is a garnish for the meat of prose, a sauce by which a dull dish is made palatable. Style has no such separate entity; it is nondetachable, unfilterable. 
- Strunk and White, p.69
For my academic course, we've been asked to revisit some of the Classics of Good Writing. Strunk and White. Bird by Bird. I've read both before, of course, but haven't re-read them in ages, and it was good to do so. I remembered endless rules for commas in Strunk and White, as it turns out an exaggeration of my memory. This time I merely skimmed the grammar rules, which I know, or know to look up if I need them. Instead, I enjoyed the essay on style. Even more than what Strunk and White said, I enjoyed how they said it, how they demonstrated in writing what they demanded of writing.

TECHNICAL NOTE: Nooksters, I do not know what the problem is with Initiate and Taboo going up on the nook. My Tech Guy uploaded them for me, but the administration page still says, "Processing." It's been over a week, clearly something is not processing correctly. Even my Tech Guy is baffled, and we may have to appeal directly to B&N to figure out what the problem is. Sorry for the delay!


TheSFReader said...

Will wait :)

Do you do a discount for people who bought the Kindle versions ? :)

Tara Maya said...

I can send a pdf. :)

If I had the tech savvy to offer discount codes and such, I definitely would. I welcome any and all advice in this area.

Tara Maya said...

For those who ARE tech savvy, btw, the kindle version has no DRM. So, supposedly that means you can convert it to other files. *I* personally couldn't, but some undisclosed one *could.*

TheSFReader said...

Yes, that's what I did : bought the two books and converted them to epub (no problem there). However, the translation may have missed some formatting you put into it (such as fonts or so), hence my interest in the "natively epub" version :-)

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Tara, one of my books processed for 2 weeks. I finally uploaded it a second time and it went live in 24 hours. When the second one went live I took it off sale.

Tara Maya said...

Good to know, Steve.

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

That's so weird. I would definitely talk to customer services if this keeps up. I don't know if the number you would call is 1-800-THE-BOOK (can you tell who I work for? lol) or something special, but they could probably give you the number and transfer you. You might also be able to find out more on the B&N forums in the nookbook section.

Good luck! I hope it goes live soon! *does the potty dance (only, you know, out of wanting to read your book, not b/c I need to you know...)*