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Nov 1, 2011

When is a picture worth a million words?


*ok, fan girl glee that my book is parallel to George R. R. Martin out of the way*

They say it takes 1,000,000 words to become a good writer. I have written more than that... most of it so awful, dreadful and nausea-inducing that a goblin wouldn't even feed it to his mutant rat-horse. Many a day I despaired nothing I wrote would ever be worth sharing.

Now, it is true, that George R.R. Martin's book is $15 and mine is free, but a lot of people must still want to read it to make it the number one downloaded epic fantasy on Amazon. And that feeling... it's just... I'm going to have a write a whole new book just to capture that feeling in words. For now, all I can say is...

This picture was worth a million words.


Burritoclock said...

That's pretty awesome! Free or not.

Sharper13x said...

I agree with Burrito clock. That's pretty awesome. Also, if you factor in 1,000 words for even picture I've taken, I too have written over a million words.

Lucas Darr said...

That rules!

I mother loved Initiate. A lot. In fact, I read it and it cleansed my palette of an over-hyped, pour YA dystompian book I read.

I still owe you a book recommendation on my blog. I've been working on it for a month now, ha.

Lucas Darr said...

poor not pout.

OMG. I need to go home.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...


Unknown said...

Hey, that's got to feel pretty awesome. Congrats!

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

Will any of the books beyond the first one ever come to Nook? *hopeful*

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is SO cool! See, all your hard work is so paying off. :)

Davin Malasarn said...

That's awesome, Tara Maya! Yay!! Wow!

amberargyle said...

Savor the moment. :)

Tara Maya said...

Thank you guys, all of you!

@Burritoclock, thank you!

@ Stephen, if you've taken 1000 pictures, then my hat is off to you. Photography is a great art.

@Anthony: wow, I love that your mom enjoyed Initiate! And I am all for palette-cleansing. :) (And don't worry about typos on my blog. I only read the first and last letter of every word, so the whole thing could be misspelled in the middle, and I'd never notice.)

@ Sandra, thank you! Btw, I think my older son is almost ready to enjoy your book. He can't read it himself yet, though.

@ Heidi. Thanks!

@ Backwards Story: I am haranguing my tech guy about helping me Nook it; but you have to understand, he works for free, so my threats to withhold his salary aren't very effective.

@ Michelle, thank you! I now have TWO reviews of your books that I need to post. Argh!

@ Domey, thanks! Yes, I am doing a happy dance.

@ Amber, yes, that is the key. It's so easy to become acclimated to the new level of sales that now, when a day goes by that is a little less than the day before, I am disappointed. But that is silly, considering I am selling more books now per day, even on a "bad" day, than I was before in a month!

Library Diva said...


Adam J Nicolai said...

Wow, Tara! That is fantastic! BTW I came over here because I saw your response on Joe Konraths' blog regarding the buyers' market becoming a sellers' market. I think you were spot on.

Congratulations again on hitting the top free spot on Amazon. That is an amazing accomplishment.

Scarlet Elmo said...

Congrats! That must feel awesome!