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Sep 24, 2012

Introducing New Assistant

Hey everyone! My name is Katie Earley and I’m Tara’s shiny new assistant. I’m here to help launch Book 5 of The Unfinished Song series and take some other pesky tasks off of Tara’s plate so she can focus on what she does best: writing.

A little about me…
I live in Louisville, KY with a sweet husband, cutest 1-year-old ever, anxious mutt, fluffy cat, and quiet fish. I have a BA in English from Centre College and a Creative Writing minor. I lovelovelove Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation and When Harry Met Sally. The Big Bang Theory is about the only sitcom my husband will watch me. (Would you count The Guild as a sitcom? We like that too.) In the free time I fantasize about having, I would sew more and maintain a full cookie jar.

If you have any great ideas for us, including but not limited to guest posts, fan art, or cupcake recipes, please email them to me at Be sure you’re following Tara on Twitter and Facebook (and subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already!) because we’re about to have a lot of great content coming your way as we get ready to release Book 5 into the wild. It’s coming SOON!


Jai Joshi said...

Cool! Nice to meet you, Katie!


Katie Earley said...

Thanks Jai! Nice to meet you too! :)