Wednesday WiP: Sworn


This week I'm working on the first round of edits on the Rough Draft of The Unfinished Song, Book 10 - Sworn. (Sign up HERE to if you want to be the first to find out when it comes out.)

I'm so excited to finally be working on Dindi again, after about six months mostly working on the Arcana Glen series. I didn't quite hit my deadline to finish all the final edits on the Arcana Glen Major Arcana series, so I will be returning to that later on, but I wanted to reward myself by switching projects for a while. 

My brain needs refreshment, so I can't work only on one project at a time. I like to have different projects in different stages of development going on in parallel.

You may have noticed that I like long series. Dindi is going to be 12 volumes. Arcana Glen is going to be 12 or 22 volumes, if you combine the novels and novellas.

Mirror, Book 8 came out in April. Click here to get a FREE REVIEW copy

Maze, Book 9, will be out in September. Click here to Pre-Order it. 

The book that I'm editing is the first book in the last trilogy of the twelve-book series.


The title is a play on a couple of things... Sworn Enemies. Deathsworn. Vows of various types play an important role in this book.

I tried really hard to find a scene I could post here to share with you, but honestly, every scene I found contained spoilers for Books 8 and 9, so I finally just decided to write this short check-in.

Tomorrow, I'll write more about my experience writing a long series and how I've approached it and why.

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