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You can read The Unfinished Song: Initiate (the first book in the series) for free. It is available on Amazon, on Smashwords and on Scribd. You can read more reviews on Goodreads.

Review Copies
If you would like to write a review of any of my books, I will gladly send you a free ebook, in your preferred format. Just email me:


I'm just a fan, not a book blogger or a reviewer and I've never written a review before. Can I still write a review?
I love it when readers and fans write reviews! It doesn't have to be a huge essay. Even just a line or two is helpful, especially if you post it to a site like Goodreads or Amazon.

Suppose I receive the free book and decide I don't really want to write a review? Or what if things come up and I am  delayed posting my review?
No problem. Reading should bring you joy, not more stress. Read it and review it if and when you are able and inclined.

What if I read it and can't think of a positive thing to say? What if, in fact, the main use for it I can find is snark fodder?
Snark away, friend. How you handle your karma is entirely your business. Seriously, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

What if I love it and can't wait for the sequel?
You are obviously a person of intelligence, discernment and good taste. I vow to bring you the sequel as fast as humanly possible. In the meantime, please let others know about the book! Nothing inspires a writer like love.  :D