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Sadie Sears

The Dragon's Fake Fiancee
Dragons for Hire Book 1
The Dragon's Healing Touch
Dragons for Hire Book 2
The Dragon's Bewitching Mate
Dragons for Hire Book 3
The Dragon Savior
Dragons for Hire Book 4

Dragon Shifter Romance

Saving My Dragon
Demon Dragons of Port Lair 1
Shadows of Sin
Demon Dragons of Port Lair 2
The Dragon's Fate
Demon Dragons of Port Lair 3

Ophelia Sexton

Bear Shifter Fire Fighters

Silver, Samantha

The Witches Murder Club by Samantha Silver

Weather witch Storm Bancroft lives in Golden Hoop and solves mysteries.

  1. Cursing up a Storm - The Witches Murder Club Book 1
  2. Snowball's Chance in Hex - The Witches Murder Club Book 2
  3. Faiy-Weathered Friend - The Witches Murder Club Book 3
  4. Brewing in the Wind - The Witches Murder Club Book 4
  5. Throw Cauldrons to the Wind - The Witches Murder Club Book 5

Cassie Coburn Mysteries by Samantha Silver

A California girl and her orange cat solve mysteries in England with a French sidekick.
  1. Poison in Paddington - Cassie Coburn Book 1
  2. Bombing in Belgravia - Cassie Coburn Book 2
  3. Whacked in Whitechapel - Cassie Coburn Book 3
  4. Strangled in Soho - Cassie Coburn Book 4
  5. Stabbed in Shoreditch - Cassie Coburn Book 5
  6. Killed in King's Cross - Cassie Coburn Book 6
  7. Murder in Mayfair - Cassie Coburn Book 7
  8. Tossed in the Thames - Cassie Coburn Book 8
  9. Nixed in Notting Hill - Cassie Coburn Book 9
  10. Wiped Out in Wimbledon - Cassie Coburn Book 10

Spellford Cove Mystery Series by Samantha Silver

Robin juggles a bakery, a kitten and magic. Oh, and murder.
  1. The Witching Flour - Spellford Cove Mystery Book 1
  2. Double Double Tart and Trouble - Spellford Cove Mystery Book 2
  3. A Baker's Coven - Spellford Cove Mystery Book 3
  4. With a Charm on Top - Spellford Cove Mystery Book 4
  5. Icing on the Curse - Spellford Cove Mystery Book 5
  6. Bread and Bewitching - Spellford Cove Mystery Book 6
  7. Proof is in the Potion - Spellford Cove Mystery Book 7

Enchanted Enclave Mysteries by Samantha Silver

A coffee shop, a witch from an infamous paranormal family, a hot detective who thinks she's the killer.
  1. Wake Up and Spell the Coffee - Enchanted Mysteries Book 1
  2. Whole Latte Magic - Enchanted Mysteries Book 2
  3. A Witch Dark Roast - Enchanted Mysteries Book 3
  4. A Fairy Good Brew - Enchanted Mysteries Book 4
  5. Deja Brew - Enchanted Mysteries Book 5
  6. Spell the Beans - Enchanted Mysteries Book 6
  7. Pumpkin Spell Latte - Enchanted Mysteries Book 7
  8. Cold Broom Coffee - Enchanted Mysteries Book 8

Fairy Falls Mystery by Samantha Silver

An ad exec moves to a small town, discovers she's a witch and solves mysteries.

  1. Love at First Spell -Fairy Falls Mystery Book 1
  2. Hex Over Heels -Fairy Falls Mystery Book 2
  3. Witches are from Venus - Fairy Falls Mystery Book 3
  4. Sealed with a Curse - Fairy Falls Mystery Book 4
  5. Love Will Find a Witch - Fairy Falls Mystery Book 5
  6. All's Fair in Love and Witchcraft - Fairy Falls Mystery Book 6

Pacific North Witches Series by Samantha Silver

A murdered dragon shifter is the first victim in this series of humorous paranormal cozy mystery novels.

  1. Going Through the Potions - Pacific North Witches Book 1
  2. Get With the Potion - Pacific North Witches Book 2
  3. Potion Sickness - Pacific North Witches Book 3
  4. Any Potion in a Storm - Pacific North Witches Book 4
  5. Perpetual Potion - Pacific North Witches Book 6
  6. Potion for Your Thoughts - Pacific North Witches Book 5

Willow Bay Witches by Samantha Silver

This witch has a snarky cat, of course... but she can talk to all animals. When she solves a crime, she interviews the four-legged crew to get clues.
  1. The Purr-fect Crime - Willow Bay Book 1
  2. Barking up the Wrong Tree - Willow Bay Book 2
  3. Just Horsing Around - Willow Bay Book 3
  4. Lipstick on the Pig - Willow Bay Book 4
  5. A Grizzly Discovery - Willow Bay Book 5
  6. Sleeping with the Fishes - Willow Bay Book 6
  7. Get Your Ducks in a Row - Willow Bay Book 7
  8. Busy as a Beaver - Willow Bay Book 8

Pacific Cove Mystery Series by Samantha Silver

Someone framed her parents, there's a body in the chocolate shop and the cops blame her.
  1. Chocolate and Charms - Pacific Cove Mystery Book 1
  2. White Chocolate and Wands - Pacific Cove Mystery Book 2
  3. S'mores and Spells - Pacific Cove Mystery Book 3
  4. Bonbons and Broomsticks - Pacific Cove Mystery Book 4

Moonlight Cove Mystery by Samantha Silver

A witch with the power to control the tides takes over a Bed & Breakfast. A body turns up...
  1. Witching Ain't Easy - Moonlight Cove Mystery Book 1
  2. Witching for the Best - Moonlight Cove Mystery Book 2
  3. Thank my Lucky Spells - Moonlight Cove Mystery Book 3
  4. A Perfect Spell - Moonlight Cove Mystery Book 4
  5. Beat Around the Broom - Moonlight Cove Mystery Book 5

Ruby Bay Mystery by Samantha Silver

An American solves mysteries in Australia
  1. Death Down Under - Ruby Bay Mystery Book 1
  2. Arson in Australia - Ruby Bay Mystery Book 2
  3. The Killer Kangaroo - Ruby Bay Mystery Book 3

Magical Bookshop Mystery

A lazy cat, a ghost and a magical bookshop. What else would a witch need? Oh, right, a hot sheriff.

  1. Alice in Murderland - Magical Bookshop Mystery Book 1
  2. Murder on the Oregon Express - Magical Bookshop Mystery Book 2
  3. The Very Killer Caterpillar - Magical Bookshop Mystery Book 3
  4. Death Quixote - Magical Bookshop Mystery Book 4
  5. Pride and Premeditation - Magical Bookshop Mystery Book 5
  6. Wuthering Homicides - Magical Bookshop Mystery Book 6

Western Woods Mystery

A Seattle woman, a magical town. Everyone warns her to stay away from the hot elf. Meanwhile, a killer is running free.
  1. Back to Spell One - Western Woods Mystery Book 1
  2. Two Peas in a Potion - Western Woods Mystery Book 2
  3. Three's a Coven - Western Woods Mystery Book 
  4. Four-Leaf Clovers - Western Woods Mystery Book 4
  5. Five Charm Fire - Western Woods Mystery Book 5
  6. Six Was to Spellday - Western Woods Mystery Book 6
  7. Seven Year Witch - Western Woods Mystery Book 7
  8. Behind the Eight Spell - Western Woods Mystery Book 8

Emma St Clair

Modern royalty, love and mishaps

Royally Rearranged A Sweet Royal RomCom
Royal Gone Rogue A Sweet Royal RomCom

Kelly St Clair

Magical Dating Agency Series by Kelly St. Clare

Magical Dating Agency Book 1
Magical Dating Agency Book 2
Magical Dating Agency Book 3

The Honey and Ice Series by Shannon Mayer and Kelly St. Claire

The Honey and Ash Series Book 1
The Honey and Ash Series Book 2
The Honey and Ash Series Book 4

The Tainted Accords Series by Kelly St. Claire

Fantasy of Frost
The Tainted Accords Book 1
Fantasy  of Flight
The Tainted Accords Book 2
Fantasy of Fire
The Tainted Accords Book 3
Fantasy of Freedom
The Tainted Accords Book 4

The Tainted Accords Companion Series by Kelly St. Claire

Fantasy of Frost
Fantasy of Flight
Fantasy of Fire
Fantasy of Freedom

Nicole St Claire

The Witches of Pinecroft Cove by Nicole St Claire
kitchen witch cozy mysteries

Spirits Pies and Alibis
The Witches of Pinecroft Book 1
Covens Cakes and Big Mistakes
The Witches of Pinecroft Book 2
Magic Lead and Gingerbread
The Witches of Pinecroft Book 3
Chocolates Charms and False Alarms
The Witches of Pinecroft Book 4
Cookies Spells and Tolling Bells
The Witches of Pinecroft Book 5
Diamonds Ghosts and Champagne Toasts
The Witches of Pinecroft Book 6

Jennifer Snyder

Touch A Reaper Novella Book 1

Hereafter A Reaper Novella Book 2

Safe Deadwood Ravens Book 1

storm Deadwood Ravens

Deadwood Ravens Book 2

soar Deadwood Ravens

Deadwood Ravens Book 3

Moon Vowed

Mirror Lake Wolves Book 8

Whisper Swamp Gators

The Complete Collection

Raven's Sight

Willow Harbor Book 8

shifter's fate

Willow Harbor Book 1

vampire's descent

Willow Harbor Book 2

Willow Harbor Book 3

hunter's revenge

Willow Harbor Book 4

triton's curse

siren's song willow harbor

Willow Harbor Book 5

warlock's embrace

witch's mark willow harbor

Willow Harbor Book 7

raven's sight 

Willow Harbor Book 8

J.M. Stengle

Faraway Castle Series by J.M. Stengl

Ellie and the Prince

Faraway Castle Book 1

The Siren and the Scholar

Faraway Castle Book 2

The Rose and the Briar

Faraway Castle Book 3

The Lady and the Wish

Faraway Castle Book 4

The Mirror and the Curse

Faraway Castle Book 5

A Villain's Ever After by multiple authors

The Beast and the Enchantress

The Sultan and the Storyteller

Bluebeard and the Outlaw

The Stepsister and the Slipper

The Goblin and the Dancer

Hansel and the Gingerbread Queen

The Dark King and the Eternal Dance

Gothel and the Maiden Prince

The Sorcerer and the Swan Princess

The Baker and the Wolf A Villain's Ever After

The Prince and the Sea Witch

Carabosse and the Spindle Spell

Jacque Stevens

Cry Wolf a beauty and beast retelling

Novalee Swan

Shifter Town Series by Novalee Swan

Bear Temptation

Shifter Town Book 1

Caging Ash

Shifter Town Book 2

Wolf Down

Shifter Town Book 3

Bear Essentials

Shifter Town Book 4

Ever Unbroken

Shifter Town Book 5

Candy for Christmas A Colorado Mountains White Christmas Romance

Christmas fairy tale