FAQs for Adoptive Parents of Converted Extraterrestrial Children (CETs)

While Tyranosauros Rex sleeps, I am taking the time to try to write. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on my WIP (work in progress). My rule for myself is that I have to write something every day, no matter how crappy it is or on what story. So I am working right now on a short sf story set in an sf universe I call the "Xenophile" universe after my main storyline there.

This particular story is about parents who are trying to raise an alien baby.

Hm. Is that scaple a little too close to the artery? Hee hee. It's really terrible, I've wanted to do a Mother Gives Birth To Alien story ever since I was pregnant. The premise of tv series like "Smallville" and "Roswell" is that every teenager feels like an alien just trying to fit in at one point. This is the same thing, but from the parents' point of view. Maybe it's just me, or maybe all parents at one time feel like their offspring are the first wave of an alien invasion.

Trying to understand what a baby is thinking IS like trying to read an alien mind. That was the starting point of my story, "FAQs for Adoptive Parents of Converted Extraterrestrial Children (CETs)."