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Mar 13, 2009

Must Use Words For My Next SF Thriller

There are words I need, which I didn't even know needed until I found out what they were. Then I slapped my forehead and said, "Yowza! So that's the word I was looking for!"

hydromodo a "superhydrophobic coating—what the scientists are casually calling 'the cooperative effect of hierarchical micro/nanostructures and a low-surface-energy wax coating'—[which] creates a cushion of air around the boat (or the bug's leg), putting an invisible bubble between it and the water. "

lamina "a layer of data over the real world that can be accessed by people with the right interfaces (googles, contacts, direct neural interface)"

Quick thoughts on hydromodo: 

Floating City. 'Nuf said.

Quick thoughts on lamina.

Random Thought # 1: A word is still missing. Lamina is the noun. What is the verb? To ... laminate? Hm...

Random Thought # 2: As if High School wasn't hell already, now you will walk down the halls knowing people are laminating the words,  epic fail or colorguard or whatever 4chan equivilant will be the  insult of choice for esteem-challenged, cybermob-mentality adolescents of the future.

Random Thought # 3: It's funny to me that they show using lamina to check out book reviews in a bookstore or to read newspapers. The first thought I had was, "Will the ebook readers be obsolete before they even take off?" Why do you need a reader if you can laminate any surface with a book?

* * *

Incidently, I sent this to my hubby and he responded, "You know, it has been one of my dreams (along with being an Olympic speed skater) to talk at TED."


Sara Raasch said...

Woa they have words for that stuff already? Wicked.

david heijl said...

You probably know this already, but just in case: lamina is used intensively by Tobias Buckell in Ragamuffin.

And I think his latest novel has some floating cities as well... sounds like you might want to check out his work.

Unless of course you've read it already and were simply inspired to do your own thing with these concepts, in which case kindly do ignore my comment :-)

Tara Maya said...

Actually, I found out about the term from Tobias Bucknell.

I had an idea for a similar tech, but without the name, in a story which I have yet to write, and is now probably already obsolete or at least trite. This is one problem with sf. All the good ideas get snapped up fast.

I still might use it however, not as a main point in the story, just as casual backdrop.

Did Bucknell invent the term?

Natalie Whipple said...

Ah, Lamina. Now I have a possible word for the cybernetic scanning tech in Hammered. Sweet.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Not sure I would ever use those words, but I'm glad you've found ones that work!

Prairie Chicks Write Romance said...

Can't see using them in medieval romance writing - but they are fascinating words. Must use 5 times today ~ must go read definitions again :)


Tara Maya said...

Hahaha. I'm envisioning a medieval romance in which the word "superhydrophobic coating" would be appropriate.

Nope. Drawing a blank. :)