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Jan 10, 2011

Almost Three Good Things!

I have a guest blog post today on the Backspace Newsletter on the Four Stages of Chasing Markets. How much do you -- and should you -- shape your writing to fit what's trendy and popular?

I love reviews, especially glowing ones, and there's a new one up. You can read the short, professional version available on Amazon, but the really funny bits are only found in the longer version up on the blog Unlikely Explanations. (Which has the caveat posted: "Formerly "Laura's Bad Ideas". Please don't take anything you read here seriously.") Except of course, you should take her ideas seriously, because she liked my book. And yes, I do know her, and I can tell you that she's very smart, with excellent taste in literature, and her opinion means a lot to me.

That's two good things. I haven't complained about anything yet, though and I'm going to remedy that right away. Has anyone noticed that the new Blogger interface, while wonderful in so many ways, tends to add a lot of unneeded, unwanted html fluff to posts? I was noticing a lot of weird spacing issues and when I check the html, I see 14 lines instructing italics or something.   

Hm. That's not a completely bad thing, because I mostly like the new Blogger. Let's call it 2.7 good things. Yay!

1 comment:

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I like the new Blogger templates, but I also wish they'd change their stupid commenting system and get up with the times. They need separate replies on each comment. One day... :)

I'll go read your post. :)