Cover Art for The Unfinished Song: Taboo

It's a brave new world of epublishing, and one theory I would like to test is that cheaper, faster, shorter will win the day. But how does one do this with epic fantasy, which notoriously requires at least 300,000 words just to get the first 3000 characters introduced? (*cough* Robert Jordan *cough* Terry Goodkind *cough* Stephan King *cough* excuse me I have a cough, sorry about that *cough*) You can't just dash out a 50,000 word epic fantasy once a month in your spare time. That's what Sword & Sorcery is for.

The answer to the length of fantasy stories has always been to break them up into smaller, more digestible elements. Lord of the Rings is really one story published in three volumes, not three books. There's a fine difference.

That's how I am approaching my epic fantasy The Unfinished Song. I could publish a 400,000 word ebook, but I thought it would be more delectable to parcel it out in delicious snack sized bites of epic.

That also means, however, a rather grueling publishing schedule of one book out every two months--yikes!--good for readers, but definitely a schedule to keep me on my toes. There are revisions and edits and ARCs, oh my!

All of this is a lot of throat-clearing for the Big Reveal of the cover art for the second book in the series, Taboo. Out in March, fingers crossed! (Curse you, revisions!) So without further ado, here it  is:

Yes, it will also be available in trade paperback, starting in April. Book Three, The Unfinished Song: Sacrifice will be out in May.


Jai Joshi said…
Congrats on fixing the release date! March is so close, you must be so excited.

I love the cover art!

TheSFReader said…
ditto, can't wait for the release ! I was going to ask you about a date . Thanks for reading in my mind !
Annie said…
Saw your cover for the Unfinished Song in the Amazon UK fantasy forum and wanted to say your covers are very attractive.
Unknown said…
Best of luck with that publishing schedule! It sounds intensive, but also like a valuable marketing test.
Tara Maya said…
Thanks Jai!

SFReader, always glad to help out with telepathy. ;P

Annie, thank you so much.

Heidi, I'll keep posting about how it goes.
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The cover is beautiful. I think I like it even better than the first one. Great job!

I was wondering, how many TOTAL books do you plan to write for the series. I am in the process of writing a review on book one and wanted to include that information.
I just posted my review on the book you gifted me via (kindle). I really enjoyed it a bunch and look forward to continue reading the future installments.

Here's the link to my review:
Tara Maya said…
Thanks, Gina!

There will be 12 books in the series.

Of the first three books in the series, this is my favorite cover. (The third cover is done, but I won't show it off until it's closer to the publishing date of Sacrifice.) I like how she pops out against the blue. I also love the little faery seahorse.
TheSFReader said…
Hi Tara!
I know we're at the beginning of the month, but any news of the final realease date ?
If by chance it happened near March the 9nth, it would be a perfect birthday present for me to give myself...

PS : I saw on 500 words that you still had no epub version for Initiate.
I did a quick conversion from the Kindle version (with Calibre it's SO easy !), and could send it to you if you'd like ?
Epertase said…
Very nice cover. You are ambitious to release that many books in such a short time.