Wednesday WiP: The Moon Bunny & the Sun Shifter

"He had developed a loathing for every evil form of deception. The only lies he loved were those of a child’s imagination writ large: the lies of the theater, the cinema, of novels and video games. Those were lies, but they did not trick you out of any truth you owned. The lies of the Arts only enticed you to forget the desolation of reality long enough to endure another day. At its best, every great story was not a lie at all, but a great truth wrapped in a metaphor. A great story was a path to liberation from suffering because it led you to that great truth by tiny, tiny steps."

- from The Moon Bunny & the Lion Shifter

Read a novella in the same universe free--click here

The Genie & the Gymnast is a retelling of the Arthurian tale The Green Knight.


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