Awesome Shows With Paranormal / Dystopian Hotties

Have you seen the hotties on the new slew of paranormal and dystopian shows? Yuuuuummy. I salute my new faves. SPOILERS ALERT!!!


Genre: Dystopia

Premise: Despite the fact that nation states long preceded electricity, enduring thousands of years in much the same borders, and often with much the same form of governance, a sudden lack of iPhones able to play Angry Birds leads to the instant destruction of the United States. Everyone resorts to crossbows and thuggery.

Hotties To Watch Out For: Charlie is a badass heroine, who goes looking for her uncle--who turns out to be pretty badass himself. But the romance to keep your eye on is between Charlie and arrow-wielding Nate, who turns up to rescue her from some thugs and accompanies her on her journey.

What Keeps Them Apart: [SPOILER!] Nate works for the Bad Guy...he's been spying on the heroine the whole journey. Youch!

Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson flourishes her crossbow in "Revolution."

In the future, there's no guilt about taking freeways--they're strictly green.

Without cell phones, George Washington would not have been able to enforce the Constitution either.
JD Pardo as Nate. He made those arrows himself, sucka. And wove that skintight microfiber shirt on a hand-loom.


Genre: Super Hero

Premise: Billionaire hottie and good-time boy Oliver Queen was stranded on island for five years, all alone except for the martial arts school stranded with him.

Hotties To Watch Out For: [SPOILER!] Green Arrow is smokin'. With a name like Oliver Queen, and the nickname "Ollie," you can bet he got into a LOT of fights during his prep school days to prove his manhood. And it shows. But don't brush off his love interest. She might have some super chops of her own...

What Keeps Them Apart: [SPOILER!] Ollie's loyal, good-time boy bff... is the unexpected isosceles of this love triangle. I was hoping for Batman, but ok.

Fortunately, I never get tired of a man with a bow. Yummmmmm.

Awwww. None of these colors appears in the actual palette of the show.

Stephen Amell as the abs...I mean, Green Arrow. Hell yeah!

Beauty and the Beast:

Genre: Urban Paranormal Police Procedural

Premise: [SPOILER!] Law-Student-turned-Kickass-Cop-Detective heroine Cat is stalked by a mysterious rescuer, Doctor-turned-War Hero-turned-Presumed Dead Vet-Monster. Sadly, he's not a strange leonine magical were-beast but just a government-super-soldier from a project that lost funding (yawn). Also, his monster make-up is as weak as that premise. However, his winsome, heart-felt looks make up for everything.

Hotties To Watch Out For: Cat and Vince. Oh, the longing. Oh, the sexual tension. This is gonna be fun.

What Keeps Them Apart: [Don't worry, so predictable, not at all a spoiler.] Paraphrasing: "I'm a monster! I don't want to hurt you."

Brooding. Check.

Jay Ryan (“Terra Nova”) now back from fighting dinosaurs.

Catherine “Cat” Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) dines with monster Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan). "So... Do you want to eat me?"


Jai Joshi said…
I haven't seen any of these shows but I was a huge fan of Hex a couple of years ago. It's on rerun on BBC America right now. Michael Fassbender plays Azazael - Yum!