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Oct 18, 2012

The Goddess of Dance

Today I'm thrilled to join Anna Kashina's blog tour for her newest novel, The Goddess of Dance

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To pursue her love, the princess must fight the impossible odds. On one hand, mysterious god-like powers are after her for what she has done. On the other -- her father, the sultan, is forcing her to fulfill her duty to her country by marrying a neighboring prince she does not care for. And, on top of that, she is haunted by mysterious dreams of a girl learning the powerful ancient art of the sacred dance.

In the novel, the princess will go though many deadly trials in her impossible quest to be reunited with the man she loves.

THE GODDESS OF DANCE is book 2 in a series, isn't it? Do the readers need to start with book 1?

It is book 2, but the story is a stand-alone and I hope the readers can enjoy it without any knowledge of the previous events. Book 1, THE PRINCESS OF DHAGABAD, is more of a coming of age story, where the princess's love for her djinn grows slowly as she emerges from a 12-year-old girl into a woman of seventeen. In THE GODDESS OF DANCE she starts off as a woman and embarks on adventures of her own to learn magic and take her destiny into her own hands.

Where can the readers learn more about you and your books?

I am on Facebook and Twitter, and always welcome new fans and followers! You can also visit my blog at A gorgeous trailer for The Goddess of Dance is up on YouTube.

And, of course, the buying links for my book on Amazon

Incidentally, my publisher is now running a special on the e-version of The Princess of Dhagabad, so please check it out.

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