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Oct 6, 2012

Oppan Klingon Style

Dear lord. Why am I watching this? Three times in a row?

There is, but of course, a translation from the Klingon:

Oppan Klingon Style

Klingon Style

qavan raHtar. be' 'IHqu' SoH. Qapla' jay'! Ha'
Kha-vaan rach-tar. Beh ich'khoo soch ka-plaa' jaay, chaa
I salute you, woman. You are a very pretty woman. F*cking success. Let's go!

'Iw HIq Datlhutlh. SoH qalegh. Qut, Qut. QeDpIn be' je. maw'.
Eeww hreek da-tlootl. Schoch ka-lerrh. Khroot, khroot. Kedepin beh jeh. Mao.
You drink bloodwine. I see you. Dirty. Dirty. Science officer and lady. Crazy.

nughoStaH nuq? parmaq, manga'chuq. Qut Ha' maruch
nu-hrrosh-tach nook. par-maak, maa-ngaat-schook. Khroot, hraa, maa-rootsch.
What is coming toward us? Romance and sex. Dirty. Let's go. Let's do this!

If that left you with a lingering blood lust, and the need to say, kill an impala, here you go. You'll thank me later.

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Jai Joshi said...

So funny! I love it.