7 Regency Flavored Fantasy Series


Magic & Manners...

Dear Reader,

What could be more delightful than the delicate interlinking of two beloved genres, Regency Romance and Fantasy?

I may swoon.

If you love Regency Romances but find them, shall we say, sadly lacking in Dragons, Pixies, Manticores and all other manner of other items of Magical interest, then you may enjoy these series which combine the delicate dilemma of finding a suitable dance partner and life partner in genteel society with sorcery and fantastic beasts.

Some of these series are Alternate Fantasy History (our world, save if magic had existed in Regency England, for instance) and others are Independent World Fantasy (a magical world with its own history and cultures). So they aren't all, strictly, "Regency," but they all have that feel of balancing magic and manners. 

1. Kingdom of Ruses (Ruses of Lenore Book 1)

I love this series! 

Apparently, the first book was meant to be a stand-alone, but fortunately, the author has added several more books, each its own story and romance, to flush out this world. 

While not a Regency, because it is an Independent World Fantasy, the focus of the books is as much on the shenanigans of finding a mate in a genteel society as it is on protecting the well of magic from abuse by unscrupulous villains.

Ruses of Lenore Series by Kate Stradling
Kingdom of Ruses 
Ruses of Lenore Book 1
Ruses of Lenore Book 2
Ruses of Lenore Book 3

2. Empath's Lure (Treaties of Moial Book 1)

This is another series I highly recommend.

This is an Independent World Fantasy, and absolutely delightful. Each book in the series (four so far, plus a prequel if you sign up for the author's list) follows a different heroine and hero, but all the stories are interelated. Magic and romance play an equally strong roll in the story.

In the first book, the hero, an Incubus, pits his lure against the heroine's resistance as an Empath. The hero is the kind I quite like, who is not trying to bully the heroine. He has no idea that he can't ever "turn off" his power. The ruthless king, his own uncle, exploits him and wants him to exploit the heroine...

There are a few explicit scenes, but these aren't the main focus; they are smoothly integrated into the story. 

Treaties of Moial Series Book 1
Treaties of Moial Series Book 2
Treaties of Moial Series Book 3
Treaties of Moial Series Book 4

3. Scales and Sensibility: A Regency Fantasy Rom-Com (Regency Dragons Book 1)

She did intend to be sensible, but when dragons, magic--and love--are involved, is that even practical?

This is still on my TBR list, so check this post for updates. But I read this author's other series, which I list below, which is fantastic, so I wanted to give a shout out to this new release. 

A Regency Fantasy Rom-Com
Regency Dragons Book 1

So far there is only one book in this series, but Stephanie Burgis is also the author of Snowspelled, and a series about "the first woman magician in Angland," which has magic and a dangerous elf-lord.

Some more books by this author:

The Harwood Spellbook Series by Stephanie Burgis

Volume 1 of The Harwood Spellbook
A Prequel to The Harwood Spellbook
Volume II of The Harwood Spellbook
A Harwood Spellbook Novella
The Harwood Spellbook Epilogue

4. Miss Percy's Pocket Guide (to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons) (A Miss Percy Guide Book 1) 

Miss Mildred Percy inherits a dragon. These are not common in England. Perhaps as uncommon as a spinster finding love...

Oh my gosh, what a fun book. I hope there are more soon!

A Miss Percy Guide Book by Quenby Olson

Miss Percy's Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons

There are no other books in the series yet, but Quenby Olson has some other works, including but not limited to:

Heroes Wanted A Fantasy Anthology

5. The Secret Witch of Kriegspiel: Steamy Fantasy Romance (The Kriegspiel Witches Book 2)

These are steamy not sweet, but still full of angst and definitely have that Regency/Victorian feel. The premise is that witches are forced to marry priests, so those dangerous females can be controlled. In this enemies to lovers book, the heroine can't understand why the hero, whom she once trusted, forced her into a marriage...

This is an Independent World Fantasy.

Also check out the Street Witch series

The Kriegspiel Witches Book 1
The Kriegspiel Witches Book 2
The Kriegspiel Witches Book 3

The Street Witch Series Book 1
The Street Witch Series Book 2
The Street Witch Series Book 3

6. A Proper Dragon: A Regency Gaslamp Fantasy (Dragons of Mayfair Book 1)

Another delightful series I must recommend to you--pretty prose, spry plot, mischievous characters. 

Phoebe Hart is dragon-linked, which gives her magic, but is viewed as a newfangled travesty by anti-magic Luddites. She hopes to make a match during her London Season, but her dragon is quite mischievous...

This is an Alternate History Fantasy set in a Regency London with dragons and magic.

Dragons of Mayfair Series by E.B. Wheeler
Dragons of Mayfair Book 1
A Regency Gaslamp Fantasy
Dragons of Mayfair Book 2
Dragons of Mayfair Book 3

7. Opening Gambit (Tournament of Shadows Book 1)

Technically, this isn't an alternative Regency, but an Alternative Eighteenth Century Fantasy England. But it still has gorgeous dress, high society, forced indenture of mages, and an abused heroine who must fight the status quo to prove herself.

You'll root for her right from the start. Hopefully, this series is just getting started and there will be plenty more books to come. If you finish these first two books too quickly, don't worry... she has a backlist.

As an added bonus, Tilly Wallace is also the author of another great series, a paranormal romantic mystery, Manners and Monsters, which might have more properly fit on this list, but I'll simply squeeze it in as a bonus. 

The books are listed below as well, so you can enjoy both series!

Tournament of Shadows Series by Tilly Wallace

Tournament of Shadows Book 1
Tournament of Shadows Book 2

Manners and Monsters Series by Tilly Wallace

Manners and Monsters Book 1
Manners and Monsters Book 2
Manners and Monsters Book 3
Manners and Monsters Book 4
Manners and Monsters Book 5
Manners and Monsters Book 6

While we're at it, Tilly Wallace also has a Paranormal Regency Romance about Highland Werewolves. Fantastic!

Highland Wolves Series by Tilly Wallace

Highland Wolves Book 1
Highland Wolves Book 2
Highland Wolves Book 3
Highland Wolves Book 4

I hope you enjoy all of these books as much as I have!