Coming Soon: The Shifter's Best Friend at the Beach Wedding

 He's her best friend. She's his secret crush. But she's human, and he's a shifter...

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Her Best Friend is...

When a scandal destroyed Marla’s family, Devon was the only one who stood by her.

He’s good, he’s solid, and he’s been her best friend since they were both kids. But...

Now her best friend has grown up to be a gorgeous, smoking hot man...

...and Marla can’t help but notice.

Devon could have any woman he wants... and that’s fine... perfectly fine...

All she wants is for him to be happy.

So why does the thought of him with another woman tear her up inside?

...His Secret Crush

Devon has secretly loved Marla since High School, but there’s one big problem.

He’s from an ancient Shifter Clan... and she’s from an old-fashioned family of humans who either don’t believe Shifters are real, or think they are monsters who should be chased away with pitchforks and torches.

Since he can never have the woman he loves, it’s better to just stay friends.


Forced to Share a Room at a Destination Wedding...
When Marla and Devon are forced to share a room as guests at a romantic beach destination wedding, are these best friends fated to become lovers?

A Childhood Friends to Lovers Romance with a Paranormal Shifter twist.

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