Will GPT 5 Lead to General Artificial Intelligence?


“In this video, we explore the exciting potential of GPT-5 and how it could transform the world we live in. As the next generation of AI language models, GPT-5 has the ability to understand and generate language at an unprecedented level of sophistication. From revolutionizing customer service to advancing medical research, we discuss the many ways in which GPT-5 could be applied to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the cutting edge of AI technology - leave a comment below with your thoughts on GPT-5 and subscribe to our channel for more updates on the latest developments in the world of AI!

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I'm still waiting for my Housekeeping Robot. 

Will ChatGPT-5 make it possible? This video is pretty excited, but I notice something odd about Robot Intellectual Evolution. It always seems to work backward from human intellectual evolution.

That is to say, the jobs we find the hardest, like brain surgeon and German-to-Japanese translator, the neural nets find the easiest. 

But self-driving cars had to be rolled back, even cancelled at some companies, because driving turned out to be much more complicated than they thought.

And I don't have a robot that can replace a housekeeper, gardener or chef.

Yes, we have rumbas and automatic lawnmowers and fancy restaurants have automated cooking processes, but isn't it odd that we have an AI that finds it easier to help you write a novel than to make a bed?

Maybe we have a completely wrong idea about what intelligence really is. Is there even such a thing as "general" intelligence... or is intelligence always FOR doing something specific?