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Jul 3, 2010

Draft of Book 2

I've been working on Dindi Book 2, operating on the idea this will be a Quartet.

First off, I dragged every scene I'd ever written into one file. That gave me about 80,000 words right there, but the order was haphazard, some whole chapters were duplicates, there were the wrong number of chapters overall -- in short, a pretty mess.

Using my post-it note outline method, I culled through the draft chapter by chapter. I removed duplicate scenes. Each book in the Dindi series is to have three sections of seven chapters each, for a total of twenty-one scenes.

Altogether I have a minimum of fourteen new scenes to write. Since one of those is a newly beefed-up battle, and another an all new climax sequence for the book, it will probably be more like twenty to twenty-five new scenes. Not to mention every other scene in the book has to be re-written. I need only change a few details and polish the style in some cases, but many other chapters require substantial re-writes. I've left them in now as place holders, because the new versions will probably have a similar word count.

Altogether, I have to write about 30,000 words worth of new material, and re-vamp another 40,000, then go back and comb the tangles out of the whole thing.


Stephanie McGee said...

Good luck!

Ban said...

well ... at least you know what you've gotta do - that's half the battle ;)