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Jul 13, 2010

What's the Opposite of Self-Deception?

I was contemplating the lofty topic of Theme. A character in one of my wips has the major flaw of self-deception. I wondered what the character would have to do to overcome this flaw. (Suggestions are welcome, btw.)

What is the opposite of self-deception?

I wondered this aloud at dinner, and my husband replied without hesitation. "Regular deception."


Lucas Darr said...



A man of God once told me that we're all lairs and sinners. At first, I thought he meant we like to lie to other people. How could that be so? I was taught that lying was bad (usually with a generous application of a wooden spoon), so I avoided it even when it would be convenient.

But over the years I've come to a different interpretation. I believe he was speaking to all the little lies we tell ourselves.

Thus, the opposite of self-deception could be the embrace of the ego...

...and then, simply, letting go.

scott g.f.bailey said...


Michelle D. Argyle said...

Self-awareness, like Scott says. I can't come up with anything else because my brain is not all the way here from the weekend. It got stuck somewhere...