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Jul 12, 2010

Lost Manuscript Found!

A post or two back, I mentioned an old manuscript about a dystopia that I feared might be lost. Amazingly, I just found it. Not because I decided to go look for it, which I didn't. I swapped out the bookshelves in my living room for new ones, and in the process, found some papers of mine had been stacked with the books. It is possible, however, that if I hadn't been thinking about the lost manuscript, I wouldn't have been curious enough to flip through the papers.

I'm a bit afraid to read the thing, since I expect to be blown away by how awful it is. In my memory, it has a sort of glow. What a pity for glow to meet reality and die. Nonetheless, I want to put it on my computer, so sooner or later, I shall have to copy it. In the process, I expect I'll have to read it whether I like it or not. I am glad I found it.

1 comment:

Ban said...

I'd be glad and scared for exactly the same reasons but at least you get to see how much you've grown ... and maybe have a little laugh :)