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Aug 30, 2010

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter: the Book Trailer

I love book trailers. Not everyone does; I get that. But I love 'em. I've always loved movie trailers, and thought that books should have their own trailers...and now they do.

Now that I've finally learned how to embed a video on my blog, I'm going to share more book trailers. They won't all be as high budget at this one, but I will pick books or trailers that kick ass.

If you've made a book trailer or want to recommend one, let me know in the comments.


Ban said...

that was tooo funny :)

SandyG said...

I will have to read the book; it would be great to have secret missions to hunt down vampires in the South (we know that they loved New Orleans!), or the plot to assassinate the President that was undertaken by vampires. If these aren't in the book, they should be.