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Aug 8, 2010

Tech stuff

LiveJournal will not let you make a comment without making you watch an ad. What's up with that?

I went back on Facebook. I had sworn off it for a while because of the privacy scandal. And sure enough, this time, when I signed up, it knew all my writerly friends. How did Facebook know the names of my friends? Huh? I specifically DID NOT let them access by email. Anyway, of course I friended everyone.

Creepy, but convenient. The story of our age.


Lucas Darr said...

I believe if your friends have used the "use the find your friends by email," and they did not mail you, I believe Facebook stores your name associated with that person. Then when you actually make an appearance, it

Legal but creepy.

I also think it does link association. If anywhere on my wall I have linked to a post with your name on it, FB will offer up me as a friend.

Legal but also creepy. And kinda cool.

LiveJournal is crap. Period. A crap sandwich warmed up in the microwave, frozen, and then warmed back up again.

Tara Maya said...

Thanks that makes sense