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Aug 1, 2010

Synopsis, My Ongoing Loathing Of

I have to write a synopsis, and I am squawking and squeaking about it like a rusty bike in a rainstorm. I know I shouldn't be such a big baby, it's just one more petty curse authors have to put up with, but ugh, I would rather lick toads.

Why, synopsis, why must you be so hard to write? Why must you be as dull as dust? Why must you somehow forget to mention major plot points, thus making it seem as though the ending makes no sense? WHY? WHY?!


Michelle D. Argyle said...

I HATE SYNOPSES. I hate them. A LOT. I feel your pain. I sooo feel your pain.

If you need an extra set of eyes/opinion, let me know. :)

The Screaming Guppy said...

I hate them too. I still don't have a solid one for Hound after all this time. LOL!

Good luck!

Tara Maya said...

Fortunately not too many agents want them. What's frustrating is that those who do want them request different lengths -- 1 page, 2 pages or 5 pages. So that means writing three different synopses. Ugh.