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Aug 13, 2010

The Duel Between Plot and Wordcount

The nemesis of plot is wordcount. Their epic enmity plagues all my stories.

First, plot is ascendent, racing ahead, leaping, punching, kicking ass.

Then wordcount pulls out the secret weapon -- "You can't get that published unless you get it past me! Two hundred and fifty thousand words? Are you mad? I spit in your face! Bwahahaha!"

Then the bloodletting really begins, what with the slashing and slicing, until plot has lost both arms, a leg, and occasionally a head. (Plot often has many heads, so sometimes this is a good thing.) Wordcount cackles, sure of the last laugh.

But plot is not dead... bloody fingers rake the grass, dragging the torso forward.... Plot throws a hidden dagger, and wordcount topples over one hundred thousand words.... with more and more words gushing out all over the page all the time....

It's ugly.


Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

It may be ugly, but you bring out the humorous side of the battle!

Unknown said...

Ah but the plot is like the hydra. Everytime you cut off one of its heads two grow in its place. It's bound to win.

Tara Maya said...

Thanks, Sandra.

Taryn. You are so right. So very, very right.

Deb and Barbara said...

Oh yes, so true. And yes, yes! Hydra! Exactly!

Unknown said...

Yes, plots always win :)

There, you made me smile on a particularly difficult day...thanks!

Unknown said...

Very shrewd and true post! I guess it happened to any author ;). And I'd like to warn any writer that tries to publish his/her works - never use the services of a "literary agent" who wants money for the editing of your manuscript! Like Jillanne Kimble for example, they are cheaters. All they will do will be to take your money and do nothing of their real job, looking for a publisher! As for their editing... they won't do anything more than to change some commas and add/change a few words... Best wishes to all writers!

Tara Maya said...


Kimble McKay Literary Arts Group (formerly Kimble Unger Literary Arts Group) are Strongly NOT Recommended by P&E. Wow, and their web site sucks rocks.

Unknown said...

Hope many peole will read this post and be prepared for this "agency"... and their friends know too... Best wishes!