A Pie For Great-Grandma (Christmas Short Story)

Great-grandma had four grown children, eight grown grandchildren and fifteen scampering grandchildren, but she refused to slow down. She insisted on going Christmas shopping, despite the terrible weather and the crowds at the mall.

Unfortunately, her spirit was stronger than her heart, and she collapsed while standing in line at the giftwrap. She was rushed to the hospital. Doctors expected her to recover, but they limited the number of visitors she could have. As much as her huge family wanted to, they couldn’t all go visit her.

Her eight grown grandchildren all loved to bake and decided they would bring her a pie. But which of them would be one to take her a pie in the hospital?

“We’ll all bake our own special pie,” suggested Nancy. “Whoever’s pie tastes the best, will get to take it to grandma.”

They agreed and each baked his or her favorite pie.
Nancy baked an apple pie…
Betsy baked cherry…
Harry made lemon meringue…
Donald made chocolate mouse…
Melinda made coconut cream…
Marvin baked rhubarb…
and Baby Belinda (who was over 29) baked her famous holiday cranberry apple.

But who’s was the best? Naturally, they had to have a tasting! So each of them served seven pieces of their own pie to each of the others.

All the pies were delicious. How could they decide?

Baby Belinda looked at all the pie dishes, each left with one piece left, and suddenly she had an idea.

When Great-grandma opened her pie at the hospital bed, she laughed until tears came to her eyes. She felt just as if all of her family were there with her, surrounding her with their love and traditions.

It was a full pie…made from eight different pieces of apple, cherry, lemon meringue, chocolate mouse, coconut cream, rhubarb and cranberry apple!

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