Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies

You can now purchase UNDEAD: Ten Tales of Zombies for only $.99. I'm one of the contributors with a brand new, never before published story of the most frightening zombie of all... the undead mother-in-law.

UNDEAD: Ten Tales of Zombies

Here's an excerpt...

“When my time comes,” he says, even grimmer than usual, “Don’t let me become one of them.”
The banging stops and the silence is startling. Almost worse.
“How about a cup of coffee instead of that dreadful soda?” Marlie asks.
“Promise me, Marlie.”
“Don’t be morbid. You know I can’t abide that sort of talk.”
Frank grunts. He turns on the TV, a small black and white, almost as old as their marriage but still able to get one channel. The only thing on is news, droning about the situation in Europe.
“I hate how these journalist fellows always exaggerate.” Marlie. “They just want to sell newspapers.”
“No one buys newspapers anymore, Marlie. It’s all PooTube and Twatter.”
“…more zombies in twenty European countries now than people…” says the TV. “You can vote on your favorite zombie attack video….”
“Damn PooTube,” says Frank. “Another sure sign everything’s gone to hell.”
True, she thinks, feeling old. Everything has changed. We never had zombies before. People died and stayed dead.
Renewed banging on the door makes her jump.
Don’t dwell on it, she reminds herself. Happy thoughts.

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