NYT to Publish eBooks with Byliner & Vook

(Galley Cat) The New York Times has opened two publishing programs, turning its massive collection of reporting into short eBooks that will be published with Byliner and Vook. The paper will publish “up to a dozen” Byliner eBooks ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 words apiece and including titles about culture, sports, business, science and health.

The series begins on December 17 with the $2.99 “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” by New York Timesreporter John Branch.

Vook will work on the TimesFiles project, a “curated selections of articles” from the paper.

(New York Times) Esquire magazine announced on Friday a partnership with Byliner, a digital publishing start-up, that will have three distinct components accessible to readers through e-books: collections of short fiction by undiscovered authors, nonfiction works in the 15,000- to 30,000-word range, and monthly collections of the best articles from Esquire’s 80-year history along thematic lines like sports, war, politics and fiction...

 The first collection of original short fiction, titled “The Esquire Four,” will be published online at Byline.com on Friday and will be available for purchase through regular e-book retailers.

The collection includes four authors, including Matt Sumell, a recent recipient of a master’s of fine arts who is described by Esquire as having written about men in their 20s who think like arrested adolescents. One of Mr. Sumell’s stories will also appear in Esquire’s January issue with a notice telling readers where they can purchase the full book. If the collection does well, another will appear in six months. The authors will be chosen by Esquire and Byliner editors jointly, and the price of the e-books will be $2.99.