St. Nick's Favor

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Everyone is welcome to please drop in  to the virtual release party for St. Nick's Favor, the sequel to Chasing the Trickster.

There will be novel and short story giveaways.  And if I get it done there will be a book trailer for St. Nick's Favor as well.

Blurb: St. Nicholas asks Nina Weaver to be his emissary. Her mission is to take a one-way trip five years into her past to save the lives of thousands of children. Doing this will result in her losing the life she has built in New York City, including her relationship with Pascal Guzman. Nina faces down corporate greed, attempts on her life and the terrors of the Trickster God to keep her promise.

Even if you can't attend the party, please drop by to "LIKE" this new book. Or just buy it on Amazon.