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Feb 17, 2009

Cover Art - Version 1

One idea for a title was to name the series, "The Secret Society of Warrior Dancers" and each book a different term in the heroine's rise through the ranks, so to speak. First she would be "the Initiate" then "the Serving Maiden" then "the Traveller" and so on. I think I had seven, though I'm not sure what I did with the list.


I told this title to a couple of agents, one of whom specialized in fantasy and the other who handled only literary fiction and memoirs. The fantasy agent wrinkled her nose. 

"Secret societies? Warriors? Dancers?" She shook her head. "It's all pretty trite."

The literary agent, however, said, "Oh really? I thought it sounded unusual and intriguing!"

Clearly, the thing to do is market my book as a memoir. *grin*

So, here you go. This is a cover which would make the book look like a respectable addition to the literary section of the bookstore.


Sara Raasch said...

Memoir? Is it nonfiction? This cover is just as cool as the one above though, if less colorful, but still way professional-looking.

Tara Maya said...

People might begin to suspect it wasn't really memoir when they reached the chapter with a talking bear. :)

Anonymous said...
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