What Happened to all the Followers?

When I peeked at my blog this morning, I saw that the two sweethearts who had decided to become Followers of my blog had awakened from their temporary insanity and unfriended my blog, or whatever you call it. I was sad.

Then I clicked on Janet Reid's site, and noticed she had lost all her Followers too. 

I could believe that all my Followers saw the error of their ways, but hers? No way. 

So what's going on? Has there been a Blog Rapture, which swept up all the Followers of Blogs to internet paradise while the rest of us are left behind?

* * *

Oh, and if I ever do get my Followers back, how do you feel about being renamed "Minions of this Blog"?

* * *

UPDATE:  My Minions -- er, Followers -- are back! Hallelujah!


Samantha said…
Yesterday, blogspot was acting more than weird. I couldn't even get to my own blog, let alone others. I kept getting an error message that I was a robot. Hmmm. I'm not a robot.
Tara Maya said…
No, ha ha, I'm not a robot either.

I'm not a robot either.

I'm not a robot either.

I'm not a robot either.

[Error, please reboot.]
Natalie Whipple said…
Yeah, I've seen a few people saying the same thing, though I haven't had any problems yet. Of course...I am a cyborg, so I'm part robot.
The followers on the QueryTracker blog shifted around too for a while. The newest followers are no longer the ones at the top left, which makes it really hard for me to find our new followers in order to visit their blogs. I'm sure blogger will straighten it all out.

As for being a minion, I've never really considered myself a servile underling, but if you like it, I'm good. :)
Tara Maya said…
Everyone knows the Minions are the real Brains of the outfit.

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