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Feb 16, 2009

My Son's Paranormal Ability

"Me have idea." This is my toddler's latest phrase. 

"What's your idea?" I ask with great interest.

"Me idea -- drive cars!"

"Wow! That's your idea -- you want to to drive cars?"


My toddler, in addition to his clever ideas, also has psychic powers. In one of my writing groups, it was suggested that if we had a character with a paranormal ability, we give her some physical sensation to go along with it. Maybe every time she is about to have a vision of the future, she has a headache, for instance.

My son apparently has such an ability, 

"My tummy hurts," he announced.  "My owwie putted me to drive cars."

Yes, that's right. He has a paranormal "tummy ache" which tells him when it's time for him to play with his little Matchbox and Cars cars.

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