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Feb 17, 2009

Stream Pirate Cover Art

Okay, Sara, this one's for you. I can email you the jpg file if you like.

I tried to blend Alluvial Fan into the background and she came out with more glow than I intended. I hope she doesn't look  like a ghost. I'm afraid my pirate isn't quite as cute as the one on your site, but you should have seen the other choices.

If you have requests for changes or had other ideas about what you wanted your cover to look like, that's fine too. Don't be shy, let me know.  :)

If anyone else would like a cover for non-commercial use, feel free to let me know. (And, hey, if you want one for commercial purposes, that's cool too, email me.)


Sara Raasch said...

Oh my gosh, Tara!! That is fabulous! And so quick! Dang girl, you talented. Is there anyway you could make Alluvial's hair red? I know in my descrip on my blog it looks more like she's blonde, but I just couldn't find an actress I liked with red hair.

I'm seriously blown away. The font, the pics, everything. Beautiful!

Nikki said...

That's really great! What a perfect cover for SP! Well done!

Anonymous said...
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