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Feb 17, 2009

Cover Art - Version 2

Here's another title and another take on the cover. 

The main color theme is yellow, for reasons which would be obvious upon reading the book. 

The previous cover used images of actual tribal societies. This one features a much more glamorous heroine, which, I must confess, I prefer.  :)

I'm not completely happy with it -- the bear is a bit too obscured by the title. The corn cob doll peeking out here is actually a corn husk doll, and not quite right, but the only thing I could find available in royalty free stock images.

This cover incorporates a lot of the themes: she is dancing (although I'm not sure you can tell); there's a bear; a corn doll; and corn. Only things missing are the fae and the hunky hero. But I couldn't fit everything.


Sara Raasch said...

Too cool! I wish I could make covers like that. Photoshop? I have to find that program.

Tara Maya said...

Yeah, it's Photoshop. If you want me to make one for your book, tell me what your MC looks like (generally) and what elements would ideally appear on the cover.

Be aware, I use royalty free images, I don't hire my own actors. :) So I can't always do the ideal scene or find the perfect face. But I think it's still fun to do.

Samantha said...

Nice Job!

I did one for mine, but have since changed the title. I'll make one again once I stop editing...

What post number where you on the secret agent contest???

Tara Maya said...
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Tara Maya said...


My post was #24, The Corn Maiden.

Samantha said...

I really like yours! With 60 posts it was hard for me to get to them all! I loved the description of bear-sized roots. Why? Why? Why must he kill her????

Tara Maya said...

Thanks. :)

Sara Raasch said...

You'd make me one?? Really? Oh my gosh!

Too. Awesome!

I actually did a blog post where I described my characters/the plot. You can find it here:

You're too sweet, really :)

Tara Maya said...

I like what you did with the characters. (No doubt I will copy the idea!)

It will be hard to find royalty free faces as good-looking and/or appropriately dressed as the ones you have there, at least in the price range at which I can afford images. (Free or at most $1-$5.) There's a real paucity of pictures of people in historical costumes, I don't know why. It would be useful not just for fantasy artists but for romance illustrators as well.

However, at least I can tell what you'd like them to look like. :)

How about the pirate ship? The beasties?