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Sep 12, 2010

Dark Symphony - Book Trailer of the Day

This is a pretty upscale book trailer for a paranormal romance, Dark Symphony by Christine Feehan. I have no idea how much it cost, but I'd guess, $5000 or more. It has elaborate video, of reasonable quality -- both the acting and the cinematography -- a voiceover, and a good soundtrack. The song was created just for the video.

It's done by the wonderful folk at Circle of Seven, or "cosproductions."

They even do wire work I think! Notice the floating at 1:37. On the other hand, the voice over for this should have been low and sexy, whereas this voice as a dead ringer for my gay camp counselor. (He was an actor/waiter, so it's possible! *waves*) When he said the line (1:47) "But a darkness followed them... something ... EVIL!" I snorted my drink. Oh, you were serious. Sorry.

It's four minutes long. Aiya! But there is an advantage to accumulating a lot of video book trailers (this is just one of many)... fans can do their own remixes:



Jai Joshi said...

It started ok, with the explosion, but it's still too long. Four minutes! Plus there's way too much footage of him standing with his arms around her. I get it already, you know? They should have spent more effort on building a sense of danger.

The music was ok, though.


Unknown said...

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